Founded by Jen Herman and Marty Isenberg, the Clinton Hill Music School doesn’t just provide the chance to play an instrument, we strive to motivate and inspire our students to expand what they believe they are capable of and to push the boundaries of what they think is possible. Our methodology combines fun tactile learning, personalized lesson plans, and reinforcing music fundamentals.

Director, Marty Isenberg, has spent the better part of his life immersed in music. He attended the School for Jazz at New School University and received his master’s degree from New York University. His passion for music has taken him across the globe, playing in numerous orchestras, Broadway shows, music festivals and touring with bands.



* Private music lessons in your own home


* Fosters a sense of community of teachers, students, and their families who learn and grow together


* Raises the bar by setting high standards for our students and providing support along the way

Clinton Hill Music School on Sesame Street

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Now offering zoom and skype private lessons!

Clinton Hill Music School began operating as a neighborhood music studio in 2012. But as we’ve grown over the years, we’ve begun to offer both in-home lessons as well as at our studio location. We want the best of both worlds for our students. A convenient experience, as well the opportunity to be a part of a fun music community.

We can also offer lessons via zoom for students outside of our travel radius and for families that would prefer it.

Tell your neighbors about Lefferts Gardens Music School!

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In 2020 Clinton Hill Music School opened up a 2nd location called the Lefferts Gardens Music School. Who would have guessed what bad timing it would be to do so! However we are once again offering our in-person lesson services to Lefferts Gardens. If you have friends in this neighborhood, please let them know about the great work we’re doing bringing private music lessons to children throughout our Brooklyn Community.


Now offering drums, voice, cello and many other instruments!

For many years CHMS has offered dedicated instructors specializing in string instruments and piano. As our community grows, so does the number of instruments we offer to teach! If you don’t see the instrument you are interested in learning on our registration page, please email info@clintonhillmusicschool.com and we will let you know if lessons on that instrument are available.

Registration is open for our Fall 2023 Semester!

Registration is open for our Fall 2023 semester at CHMS! Classes begin January 23rd.

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