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Lessons for Kids

Semester Information


The Clinton Hill Music School offers lessons on a semester system during the school year. Our 2024 Spring Semester begins on Monday, January 22, and runs through Sunday, June 16th, 2024.  Each semester consists of:

  • 13 private lessons
  • 1 end-of-term student recital


The Spring Student  Recital will take place: Date TBD in June

Lessons packages must be completed by the end of the semester term.



Students have the following semester package options:

  • 30 minute: $895
    • Recommended for children under 7 years of age
    • Our fee can be broken up into 5 monthly installments of $179 or you can pay the fee upfront with a 5% discount ($850.25)
  • 45 minute: $1095
    • Recommended for children ages 7-11
    • Our fee can be broken up into 5 monthly installments of $219 or you can pay the fee upfront with a 5% discount ($1040.25)
  • 60 minute: $1295
    • Recommended for students 12 and older
    • Our fee can be broken up into 5 monthly installments of $259 or you can pay the fee upfront with a 5% discount ($1230.25)


Sibling Discount

  • For families enrolling more than one child, CHMS offers an additional 5% discount off of semester packages. Please inquire for further information on how to receive the discount.


**CHMS instructors are willing to travel outside of our travel radius which covers most of Clinton Hill, Bedstuy, and Crown Heights, but this may require us to charge an additional travel fee. These situations are handled on a case-by-case basis.



Clinton Hill Music School Policy 



All payments must be made online through our secure website. Credit and debit cards are accepted.

Semester Commitment

Students have an option to purchase a one-time trial lesson. However, once a student is enrolled for a semester, they are committing to the entire semester. Students are not allowed to withdraw from classes or change their lesson times until the end of the semester. We do not offer refunds for students wishing to withdraw and students paying monthly are required to continue all payments through the end of the semester.

Make-up policy and lesson scheduling

Students are expected to receive weekly lessons at the same appointed time each week and be prepared with their instrument, method book(s), and a notebook. Since CHMS teachers will be coming to the student’s home, students are expected to be ready for their lesson 10-15 minutes in advance so that no lesson time is wasted.

In the event that a student has to cancel a scheduled lesson, they must provide the teacher with 24-hours notice, in order to be eligible for a make-up lesson. Rescheduled lessons can be taught via skype at the discretion of the instructor. CHMS cannot reschedule lessons canceled with less than 24-hours notice for any reason.

In the event that an instructor has to cancel a scheduled lesson, they will reschedule their students at a time that is convenient for the student.

In the event of a snow day or extreme weather event, it will be at the discretion of the CHMS instructor whether or not to reschedule lessons for that day.


CHMS follows the NYC Board of Education Calendar. Please view our calendar for scheduled breaks.


Students must acquire their own instruments, materials, and method books recommended by teachers. Information on how to purchase instruments can be provided by CHMS. Method books can be purchased directly from CHMS ($10 or $15 with a CD) or by ordering online.

Recitals/Special Events

CHMS hosts two group classes and one recital per semester for its students. We also offer periodic special events for the CHMS community. Students are encouraged to attend/perform.

Practice Expectations/Parental Involvement

Students are expected to practice during their time between lessons. CHMS firmly believes that if you raise the bar, students will be motivated to accomplish their goals and overcome challenges. CHMS suggests that parents keep a notebook on their child’s assignments and aid in their practicing.